Interviews with Laura

Laura speaks about Author: The JT LeRoy Story with Salon, PeopleThe Hollywood ReporterVanity FairPage SixThe Creators ProjectOUT, Unicorn Bootythe San Francisco ExaminerNew York Magazine, and the New York Daily News. And here are Laura and Author‘s director Jeff Feuerzeig speaking with V Magazine, Jezebel, and The Mary Sue,

The breakthrough interview Laura gave to The Paris Review.

Interview Magazine interview, August 2013: Laura talks about David Milch, Courtney Love, Andy Warhol, and JT LeRoy; with photographs by Steven Klein.

Laura the indie fashion fighter tells the SF Chronicle, “Fashion makes me accessible” — and here’s how she does it!

Lastblog turns to Laura for answers about the creative process, art, fashion, and JT LeRoy.

One From The Heart, June 2013: Laura speaks to the San Francisco Bay Guardian about herself, JT, and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.

Jowita Bydlowska interviews Laura for Random House’s magazine.

Laura returns to her roots for the Brooklyn Book Festival.

The LGBT organization dot429 has a Q&A with Laura.

Laura is interviewed on The Deb Colitti Show.

The San Francisco Chronicle tries to catch up with Laura.

RU Sirius at speaks with Laura.