Laura & Authors

The Idea List asks Laura for her thoughts on how to craft the last sentence.

“Elephant Woman” meets “Elephant Man” — poet Kenneth Sherman.

Artisan perfumer and author Mandy Aftel speaks to Laura about her book Fragrant: The Secret Life of Scent.

Novelist Adam Langer tells Laura about his latest thriller, The Salinger Contract.

Catherine Burns, Artistic Director of the story-telling series The Moth, tells the story of her book to Laura.

Andrea Lawson Gray, co-author of Celebraciones Mexicanas, talks to Laura about Mexican history, traditions, and recipes.

Freud is analyzed by Laura and Brenda Webster, author of The Vienna Triangle.

Brenda Webster offers a heartfelt response to Laura’s story of JT LeRoy on The Moth.

Jews, radicals, and rogues: The movers and shakers of Greenwich Village counterculture live again for Laura and author John Strausbaugh.

Shades of JT, Speedie, Astor, and Thor! Laura reviews Raising My Rainbow and Stuck in the Middle with You — two books that testify to the different ways family love can accept gender non-conformity.

Grant Faulkner writes about Laura and JT as the voice of “ecstatic truth.”

Timothy Wang, author of the novel Slant, posts about his meeting with Laura.

Laura helps launch Wells Tower’s new book with the managing editor and publisher of McSweeney’s.

Laura and family meet Nathan Englander.

Laura speaks at the Brooklyn Book Festival.