Laura Interviews Jeremy Meeks For Man About Town Magazine

Laura’s newest article is an interview with model and actor Jeremy Meeks for Man About Town magazine, with photographs by Steven Klein. This is Jeremy’s first interview and first cover shoot, and you will be knocked out by it!

Laura’s piece with Jeremy has attracted a great deal of press attention – especially notable have been pieces in and the UK Huffington Post. As you may have heard, Jeremy was refused admittance into the UK last month because of his criminal record. Laura and Steven Klein posted their statement in reaction to this injustice on Man About Town’s Instagram page and you can read it here.

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Bay Area Appearances By Laura Albert!

May is the time for a pair of special events with Laura Albert in California’s Bay Area.

On Tuesday May 16 at 7 PM, there will be a special screening of Author: The JT LeRoy Story at The Battery in San Francisco — and Laura will be there for a Q&A with artist Dorka Keehn. You can read more about the event here.
Just across the bay, a few days later on Sunday May 21, Laura will be participating in the Oakland Book Festival at Oakland’s City Hall. She’ll be speaking with artist, educator, and writer Seumas Raibéart Coutts from 3:30 to 4:30 PM in the Council Chambers. All the latest details are available here. There’s plenty of good literary fun to be had for all – including this talk by The Rumpus about how to create real change in the literary community. 
Watch this space for further updates as the last details are finalized. And please come join us!
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More news about Laura in NYC on March 30!

All systems are go for Laura’s appearance on Thursday March 30 at a special 6 PM screening of Author: The JT LeRoy Story. The venue is The New School’s Eugene Lang Center (66 West 12th Street, Room 404), and Laura will be having a Q&A with writer Ann Snitow – which will be an event to remember! Just ask Laura: “She will BLOW YOU AWAY!! I mean, for reals! Now more than ever, we need Ann Snitow! I’m extra…” Activist, author, and educator, Ann Snitow is Associate Professor of Literature and Gender Studies at Lang College, and she knew Laura before JT LeRoy was even a smile on Sarah’s face…

The New School has more data about what’s happening right HERE and HERE TOO. Please come join us!

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March Appearances in Washington and New York!

Friends, we are delighted to announce that Laura will be in Leavenworth, Washington, at the Icicle Creek Center for the Arts on Friday, March 10. She’ll be participating in the Vox Docs Film Festival, attending a screening of Author: The JT LeRoy Story and holding a Q&A. There will be THREE book signings too, at A Book For All Seasons, where Laura will be joined by photographer and film director Phil Borges. Click HERE for more details.

We’re also so very happy to say that Laura will be in New York City at the end of March, speaking with writer Ann Snitow at a screening of Author at The New School’s Eugene Lang Center (66 West 12th Street, Room 404) on Thursday the 30th at 6:00 PM.  More info is available HERE.

Please come and join her if you can — it’s going to be Epic!

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A few days ago Laura received this email through the website:

You talk so much about celebrities, celebrity and how much you want to be a celebrity.  It seems as though you’ve been trying to make a trade with celebrity for a long time.  That transaction will never go well, for anyone, let alone you.

She sent this response, which she wants to share with you all:

Oh I know this very well. And the process I went through being JT and the way media created this celeb culture around JT very much enforced my awareness of how hollow celebrity worship is. I feel our culture sells the idea of fame as a fix for our suffering, whatever it might be. I hid and did the work of writing in my room. In the same way I believed food might fix me — it numbed me — fame is another distraction and it does NOT fix anything. Oh I know this. I really do not talk about it much at all, but it is very much the lingua franca of our culture. I am asked about it a lot. Believe me I would rather talk about most anything else. My books are NOT pop culture books, but they do go into the desire to be loved, to be seen, to be needed — to feel important, that your life matters. To feel connected. The desire to find a self.
My work deals with gender fluidity, trauma, abuse. I suggest you read the work — this is what interests me. Please do not mistake what is written ABOUT me with what my true focus is and has been. The trade was never ever for celebrity, at all. It was going to artists I was moved by, it is what I did in the punk scene — I rejected celebrity worship. Being a celebrity, existing in that realm? Nothing could be further from that as my organizing principal. If it were, then when I was outed I would have jumped on all the offers that were thrown at me to create myself as one. I did not. I even got into a lawsuit because a movie company wanted to make my story but I said NO to Hollywood. Please read the work, the essence of it all is there. I do appreciate your coming to me with your concerns instead of posting anonymously. You opened a chance for dialog and that is rare.
Sincerely, Laura

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Cancellations, Explanations, and a Consolation

As our regular readers no doubt noticed, we had to change plans for the Toronto opening of Author: The JT LeRoy Story on November 2 and 3. We originally announced personal appearances at the theater for audience Q&As, but had to change to Skype sessions at the last minute. And now we also have to announce with regret the cancellation of laura’s appearance at Book Court in Brooklyn, which had been scheduled for November 6. We’re sorry friends, but you just can’t Skype to a book signing… We further regret to announce that Laura’s appearance at the Stockholm Film Festival has also been cancelled – but she will be Skyping to them too, so watch this space or the website’s Author page for the precise date and time.

The explanation is simple: The day before her flight to Canada, Laura had a small accident and fractured a bone in her left foot. We’re saving the cool X-ray photo for this month’s newsletter, but here’s Laura pictured below, showing up the next day for a radio interview, boot and all.


Watch the website for news of when her Brooklyn appearance will be rescheduled. In the meantime, we offer here as consolation Laura’s awesome new interview on Q with Tom Powers from CBC Radio.

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Appearances in Toronto and Brooklyn and Sweden!

Good news for all our friends north of the border! Author: The JT LeRoy Story, currently playing in theaters around the US (find a screening near you by clicking here) will begin playing in Canada in November. The Toronto opening is on November 2 and 3 at the Ted Rogers Cinema (506 Bloor Street W, Bathurst, Toronto; 416-637-3123). As part of the Hot Docs series, Laura will be speaking via Skype at audience Q&As moderated by Hot Docs programmers. She will be talking at the 6:30 and 9:15 screenings on Wednesday the 2nd (yes, that’s her birthday!) and the 6:45 screening on Thursday the 3rd. You can order tickets here.

And then what? Well, Laura will be in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, speaking and signing books at Book Court (163 Court Street; 718-875-3677) on Sunday November 6 at 4 PM. She’ll be joined by Alan Feuer, reporter for The new York Times, author of Over There: From The Bronx To Baghdad, and co-author of Still New York. Introducing Laura and Alan will be novelist Amy Sohn, author of Prospect Park West, Motherland, My Old Man, Run Catch Kiss, and The Actress. For more details, click here.

After that, it’s on to Sweden! Laura will be at the Stockholm Film Festival, appearing on November 9 at the 6:00 screening at the Biografen Sture (Birger Jarlsgatan 41A). Tickets can be ordered here. Watch this space for more details!

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We want to notify all our friends of Laura Albert’s UPCOMING APPEARANCE: On Friday October 7 at 7 PM the fine people at Books Inc. in Berkeley, CA (1491 Shattuck Avenue, 510-525-7777) are doing an event with her to celebrate the reissue of the JT LeRoy books Sarah and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things by HarperCollins. Justin Desmangles will be speaking with Laura about her writing, and Laura will be signing books and meeting with readers. Read more about this event here. Please join us if you can, it’ll be fun!

Further appearances planned for October in Brooklyn and Los Angeles — watch our website for the latest news!

Laura’s reading at Booksmith in San Francisco, held on  September 7 and hosted by Grant Faulkner, was a big hit! Filmmaker Jeff Feuerzeig, the auteur of Author, made a surprised everyone by making an unexpected appearance — he insisted there was no way he’d miss the first reading held in the US for Laura under her own name! Laura persuaded him to share a few words with the audience, which was much appreciated by all. The Booksmith event was standing-room-only, and the books flew off the shelves. Don’t take our word for it — here’s the tweet!




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A special message from Laura just before the San Francisco opening of AUTHOR

My body is trembling and I will show up today – for all of us who know: We are here We are here We are here! (Horton Hears A Who) We will be heard – even if we need to be unseen for a little while – until we remember who we need to be and how we need to be, so we can continue to show up in this process of life. Often it doesn’t just get better, but we can hold each other’s hand and make it through another moment – together. And the of doing this – makes it better.

Thank you to all of you who have and who do take my hand – giving me the privilege of offering my hand back to you, to help you in finding greater stability and balance and in making it through your moments of not wanting to go any further. I pray we keep taking steps forward, and I hope you will continue to be with me in this future tense of joy.

Or in the immortal words of Seal,  “We are never going to survive unless we get a little…. Crazy…” Or a lot…

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miss velvet cream

We wanted to share a moment with you from the Los Angeles premiere of Author: The JT LeRoy Story at the NeueHouse Hollywood on August 25. Here’s Laura at the event:


Her beautiful dress came from miss velvet cream, a California-made Neocouture slow fashion clothing line handcrafted by artist Scatha G. Allison. She tells us, “Characteristics of the style and design of MVC pieces are craftsmanship and attention to detail, a punk rock sensibility in design and construction, a love of luxury, and an eye for silhouette and feminine power. In designing and constructing the look for Laura Albert, I wanted to convey her true nature, her essence and heart, which I find to be deeply sentimental and hard as steel, a true survivor, a warrior of this world. I am deeply grateful to her trust and the freedom she gave me in expressing the design and vision. Despite the romance and femininity embodied in the look, it is aggressive, modern and sharp as a blade. Much like Laura Albert in her writing and in her life. I look forward to collaborating with her again in the future. It is an honor to be a part of the Author story.”

You honor us Scatha! Thank you!

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