A special message from Laura just before the San Francisco opening of AUTHOR

My body is trembling and I will show up today – for all of us who know: We are here We are here We are here! (Horton Hears A Who) We will be heard – even if we need to be unseen for a little while – until we remember who we need to be and how we need to be, so we can continue to show up in this process of life. Often it doesn’t just get better, but we can hold each other’s hand and make it through another moment – together. And the of doing this – makes it better.

Thank you to all of you who have and who do take my hand – giving me the privilege of offering my hand back to you, to help you in finding greater stability and balance and in making it through your moments of not wanting to go any further. I pray we keep taking steps forward, and I hope you will continue to be with me in this future tense of joy.

Or in the immortal words of Seal,  “We are never going to survive unless we get a little…. Crazy…” Or a lot…

Laura Albert won international acclaim with her fiction. Writing as JT LeRoy, she is the author of the best-selling novels Sarah and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, and the novella Harold’s End

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