We are proud to announce that Laura Albert’s classic JT LeRoy novel SARAH has been released as an audiobook by Blackstone Publishing and is available through Audible as well as other platforms.

Bringing to life the celebrated reissue of SARAH is Obie-winning actor Winsome Brown, reading the complete text; internationally acclaimed artist and filmmaker Leigh Ledare reads Billy Corgan’s Foreword.


Hear an excerpt BELOW or by LINK!

Published in 20 different languages, SARAH has been an international bestseller since its initial release 20 years ago, acclaimed for the poetry, compassion, and humor that infuse this unforgettable tale.

In the novel a boy watches his mother survive as a “lot lizard” – a prostitute working the truck stops of West Virginia – and hopes to win her love by surpassing her as the best and most famous lot lizard ever. So as “Cherry Vanilla,” he embarks on a strange journey through the Appalachian wilds, by turns hilarious and shocking, magical and realistic.

Gender fluidity, well before it had become part of the public discourse, was an essential component of not just the JT LeRoy books but JT’s persona as well, and a heightened awareness of these and other LGBTQ issues followed the worldwide success of SARAH and the stories of The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things the following year. The reveal in 2006 that Laura Albert was the actual author of the JT LeRoy books sent shock waves through the literary establishment. Yet JT’s challenges and experiences were her own, expressed through the metaphor of his identity – “JT was like asbestos gloves that enabled me to handle material too super-heated for me to touch directly.” And the books’ readership kept on growing, with new editions released in 2016. That she wore the mask of JT LeRoy in order to speak her truth has continued to exert a deep response from not just readers but filmgoers as well, with documentaries and biopics examining the JT LeRoy story.

And here’s more good news: Blackstone Publishing is also preparing the audiobook of The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, which will be available soon with an array of readers for the different stories, including Alissa Bennett, Winsome Brown, Christelle de Castro, Laura Desiree, Kerris Dorsey, Laila Hayani, Michael Imperioli, Donovan Leitch, Shirley Manson, Darnell Martin, Paul Mendez, Julie Mintz, Libby Mintz, Daniel Newman, Lawrence Rothman, Pamela Sneed, and Robin Weigert. Plus filmmaker Jeff Feuerzeig reading his Foreword, and a guest appearance from JT LeRoy, courtesy of Laura Albert. We’ll let you know as soon as the release date is official!


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